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Simply put, we thrive on helping our students succeed in passing the CFP® Exam.

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I truly believe that my success in passing on the 1st try was very much linked to the materials, personal help and live review presentation that I received from Bruce Starks. My advice, GO with BRUCE! You won’t regret it.

Vernon Thornton
Bruce is a “master instructor” with an exceptional ability to explain the topics in such a way that helped me comprehend and retain the information. I have no doubt that the Starks BootCamp℠ and help that I received from Bruce made all the difference in me passing the CFP® Exam.
Professor Bill S., Finance & Economics Department Chair
I took Starks BootCamp℠ and it made all the difference in the world. If you go to the CFP® exam unprepared for this stuff, you will have a tough time. Bruce’s class was very small and very hands on. I felt ready to go and Bruce’s course helped me to relax – if that’s possible.
Josh C., Financial Planner & Advisor
The individual study plan you created for me was a challenge. I took your advice seriously and put the time in. There was hardly a question on the exam that I didn’t know something about. Your individual attention when I needed help and the recorded Private Briefings were the keys to my success.
Elliot H., Owner, Successful Insurance Planning Practice
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Limited Class Size, Unlimited Results.™
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