The March 2016 CFP Board Exam included a number of curve balls but students of our review course, The Starks BootCampSM were not fooled. They passed at an 89% rate, consistent with our long-term pass rate of 84%.

What 3 things do our students know that others do not?

  1. Success requires hard work. An average of 220 or more study hours is what it takes to pass.
  2. Success requires trust. We build individual study plans for our students based upon a 2-½ hour online diagnostic exam. Successful students adhere strictly to their customized individual study plan.
  3. Success requires teamwork. We hold weekly Q and A webinar-style briefings for our students. We’re available for 1:1 telephone support by appointment. We encourage participation in our Starks BootCamp℠ Study Buddy program for peer-to-peer accountability.

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