Winning is not complicated if you have an effective coach, a disciplined game plan, and motivated players.


What would it feel like to walk into the exam knowing that you have a +84% probability of passing? Students of the Starks BootCampSM use three core strategies for success:


  1. An effective coach prepares you for the way the examiners think and presents the material in an engaging style.

“Bruce is a master instructor with a unique ability to make complex topics understandable. He was dead on with how the concepts would be tested. His approach was key to my passing.”

Professor, Economics and Accounting, Jacksonville State University


  1. You will receive an individualized week-by-week guided self-study plan coupled with webinars and 1:1 support.

“When you asked me to take a 100 question online diagnostic to build my personal study plan I was skeptical. But I passed in no small part because of your guidance and that plan!”

Sr. Financial Advisor, Major U.S. Private Bank


  1. Your personal commitment to follow your personal study plan diligently is the final vital strategy to success.

“It was tough to put the time into studying that you suggested but it paid off big time. There was not a single question on the exam that you did not cover. Thanks, I passed!”

Owner and Managing Director, Successful Risk Management Firm


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