If you’ve been in the military or seen movies about it, you know that military bootcamp requires marching in step. New recruits make time pass faster by singing repetitive – and sometimes ribald! – cadences. A familiar one goes like this:


A yellow bird

With a yellow bill

Was sitting on

A window sill


The cadence has many verses that you sing over and over, and then you do them all again until the march finally ends. Your plan to pass the CFP® exam is pretty similar – the exam has many sections that you study over and over, and you study them all again until exam day finally arrives. But you don’t have to do it all alone – learn more here about the Starks Bootcampsm and our new website.


An Instructor With Expertise That Translates to Higher Scores for You

With 33+years of financial experience, your instructor, Bruce Starks, has the formal background needed to teach you what you need to know for this exam. We know that years in the business don’t necessarily guarantee an ability to teach well. However, Bruce is a great teacher. He has the unique ability to focus you on the essentials of exam study, strip away distracting details, and guide your study time to the highest efficiency possible.


Glowing Student Testimonials

Top professionals like you have relied on the Starks BootcampSM. You’re smart, and you’re busy. The somewhat leisurely days that stretched out for you in college have narrowed into rigid, intense, unrelenting 24-hour sprints of work, family, a little sleep, and continual unrelenting commitments. And now you’ve got a big exam to study for! You need an efficient study solution. Take a look at some of the things others have said about the Starks Bootcampsm and how it can help you pass the CFP® exam the first time.


Crucial Information of the Test and Your Profession

We’re on it with what’s up the financial planning world. Our informative blogs provide information on topics key to your success as an advisor and planner. We’re committed to conveying what you need to know in a timely matter and keeping you apprised of changes that could affect your score.


What Do You Get?

Your $1,190 buys you so much more than you get from our competitors. With the Starks Bootcampsm, you’ll use these tools to pass the CFP® exam:


  • Personal Study Coach
  • Individual Study Plan
  • Peer to Peer Accountability Partner
  • 10 Recorded Private Briefings covering key CFP® Board Topics
  • NO FINE PRINT Guarantee, Free Repeat of Course
  • Full 6 Hours Simulated CFP® Examination in new CFP® Board Computer Based Testing Format
  • Comprehensive Diagnostic Exams
  • Limited Class Sizes
  • Essential Keys Textbook
  • KEIR Resources


Why Choose the Starks BootcampSM?

When you go with the Starks BootcampSM, you sign on for a level of assistance that’s worth your time and money. You can count on getting:


  1. Personal Study Coach
  2. Pass Rates Second to None
  3. Our Solid Guarantee
  4. Proven Study Strategies


Join us! Visit our website (https://starksbootcamp.com/) or give us a call (404-538-6938) today.


Limited Class Size, Unlimited Results.™



To learn more about the #1Plan to Pass the CFP®, visit our website at https://starksbootcamp.com or contact Bruce Starks, CFP® for additional information.





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