In Dale Carnegie’s inspirational business book, How To Win Friends and Influence People, he offers concrete, workable steps that readers are able to actually put into practice and see tangible results.


When you take any kind of review course in preparation for an exam, you want to count on concrete, workable steps that you use to prepare for and pass the exam. The Starks BootcampSM offers, delivers, and guarantees the kind of help that makes passing the CFP® exam a reality for you.


A recent student, Nick Clay, has this to say about the Bootcamp:


I took Bruce Starks’ crash course which was a huge reason I passed the CFP® on the first try. After taking a pre-exam to see where my strengths and weaknesses were, Bruce designed a customized study program for me to follow which included a weekly timeline. After completing the study program I attended Bruce’s 4 day boot camp which got to the down and dirty of the exam. Bruce’s experience and real world examples allowed us to focus on the must know information to pass the exam. I then used this information, and only this information, to finish studying on my own before passing the exam a short time later. I specifically remember using Bruce’s memorization tricks throughout the exam. Thanks Bruce!


Nick is an experienced financial advisor at BCS Wealth Management in Tennessee with many financial exams under his belt. However, he – and CFP® candidates like you – benefit from this course and increase the likelihood of passing the exam on the first try.


You may wonder why this exam review is worth the money, especially after you paid for and completed the required educational portion of the requirement to become a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PROFESSIONAL™. You spent hours studying, reading, reviewing, taking exams, and doing a comprehensive case study. Why not just go back through your notes and exams to prepare for the exam?


As Nick writes above, it’s hard for a student to figure out the “down and dirty” of the exam – the items that will actually be tested. Sure – to be a great CFP® professional you need to know and have mastered all the information presented in the certification course, but when you’re seated at the Prometric desk with your driver’s license and locker key placed neatly to your left and the hospital-blue scratch paper and inadequately sharpened No. 2 pencils on your right, the 3-foot stack of material you spent a year working through can seem out of reach. What information will be mentally accessible as you click through 170 questions? The correct answer? The 3-inch binder of information, the memorization tricks, the private briefings, and the “essential keys” tips that you got in Bruce Starks BootcampSM. Like Nick and countless other satisfied students, your experience with us translates to passing the exam on the first try with confidence and the lowest amount of nervousness possible. In the weeks before the exam, you’ll work through a manageable review of exam concepts custom designed by us for you. You’ll attend a 4-day review session a few weeks before the exam that sums up your review and shows you where to focus your pre-exam study hours. You’ll access pertinent, current, relevant test bank databases that will take the surprise out the questions you see on exam day. Your test experience will yield the results you deserve and expect – “Congratulations. You passed the CFP® exam.”


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