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Testimonial from March 2021 exam

"I passed!! 🎉🎉🎉🎉. Thank you for everything. What I liked most about your review the CFP® Exam was the structure. I was kind of all over the place when I studied on my own. I'd say what I found most beneficial was:

- Your dividing my customized study plan into 2 week segments, I think I found it more manageable that way and not quite as overwhelming,

- Going through practice questions in your weekly training sessions as a group, talking through the answers, and getting your feedback or advice on how to tackle them, and

- Your focus on knowing how to apply the material to fact patterns on the CFP Board exam.

Another thing that made the difference for me from your review was taking a step back and thinking about which step [of the financial planning process] we were in for the question, and thinking about what we'd be doing in that step—and thinking like the CFP board would, not necessarily how we do in practice."

Jennifer P. 

I took Bruce Starks’ crash course and it made all the difference in the world. I cannot speak for other courses, but we got nitty gritty under your fingernails into the: practice standards, code of ethics, CFP® Board responsibilities, etc.

The CFP® Board is on a mission with the aforementioned items as well as the “Financial Planning Process.” If you go to the exam unprepared for this stuff, you will have a tough time. Bruce’s class was very small and very hands on. I felt ready to go and Bruce’s course helped me to relax – if that’s possible.

Josh C., Financial Planner and Advisor

Bruce, praise the Lord-I passed! Thank you for your help along the way and your encouragement.

I think the webinar on ethics was very helpful, especially to listen to [as you suggested] again in the day prior to the exam. I re-learned 4-5 things at least that were tested.

Evan, Financial Advisor

Taking The Starks CFP® Exam Review Course Boot Camp played a major role in helping me pass the exam on my first attempt. I tend to get bogged down in the details and often burn myself out when studying.

Your 4 day review were extremely beneficial and kept me on track. The 4 day [live] review helped drill that information down even further and focused my attention on the most commonly tested topics.

Brian, Financial Advisor


It is very comforting to know that you are there when I have questions that I cannot reconcile in my head.


I thought you would be happy to hear that I PASSED! Thank you so much for your help!


Thanks again for all your help and great teaching / class. Got my results last night.

In looking at review courses for the CFP® exam I searched high and low. After an exhaustive search and speaking with several who had already run the CFP® gauntlet, I finally settled on the Starks’ Review Boot Camp. I was immediately impressed when I called for info and spoke with Bruce himself. His accessibility was key to the process. He was ready,willing and able to answer and explain concepts as I was working through the material prior to the actual 4 day intensive review.

As time moved closer to the live review, we had “Fridays with Bruce” by way of live computer sessions to discuss some of the more critical topics as well as topics that were giving us trouble. The live review itself was very intense and comprehensive in the volume of material covered. Bruce is amazingly knowledgeable in ALL areas and topics of the CFP® material. He knows where and what to focus on but does not try to cherry pick.

Along with his knowledge he has an excellently paced presentation style and is good at making difficult concepts easier to understand with examples and analogies that work. I truly believe that my success in passing on the 1st try was very much linked to the materials, personal help and live review presentation that I received from Bruce Starks. By the way, I am from totally outside the industry!

My advice, GO with BRUCE! You won’t regret it.


Vernon Thornton

Bruce is a “master instructor” with an exceptional ability to explain the topics in such a way that helped me comprehend and retain the information. His special webinars and powerpoints that he made available every few weeks covered some of the heavily tested areas that were a big help for me with the actual exam.

Bruce made himself available to me thru one-on-one phone calls where he answered my questions and evaluated my progress based on preliminary test scores on simulated exams. From this, he told me what I needed to focus on and very importantly, gave me pep talks and encouragement to persevere. I have no doubt that the Starks BootCamp℠ and help that I received from Bruce made all the difference in me passing the CFP® Exam.


Professor Bill S., Finance & Economics Department Chair

Jenny Hite Testimonial

Brian Video Testimonial

I just wanted to let you know I passed the exam! Thank so you much for your guidance and support throughout this process. Having you as a resource and guide every step of the way was invaluable. Your boot camp was the icing on the cake!

Leida, Financial Advisor

I passed! Your weekly Private Briefings were spot on. I saw questions on 9 out of 10 briefing topics and was able to nail those points. I felt that you genuinely cared about our passing.

Michael D., Financial Planner & Advisor

Jim, Registered Representative

I passed. Yea! Understanding the biases of the CFP® Board was very helpful. They were discussed throughout the Starks BootCamp℠ 4-day review.


I wanted to thank you for the support, insights and lessons over the past several months. I took the exam yesterday and received the provisional pass!!

Thank you for the work you have put into the Bootcamp, it was very helpful!


Your individual study plan and the recorded Private Briefings were dead on.

I could not have passed the exam without your hands on individual attention.

Robert N., Trust Professional

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